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Could someone tell me what song this is?

The Libertine finally got a wide USA theatrical release last Friday. I got in a showing on Sunday...wasn't entirely impressed. Morton got the montage-treatment (their relationship was fastforwarded pretty much). She deserved better than that.

Samantha Morton to star in 'Elizabeth' sequel opposite Cate Blanchett!

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Lassie stuff is starting(?) to come out. The film gets released in the UK in March and trickles to more areas in April. I don't know about the US (but I'm hardly excited to see this anyway).

You can view a photo of Morton from the film on this website as well as pics of the famous boy and dog.


Numerous websites have this article up. Here's one.

Morton defends child killer role Tuesday January 10, 08:40 AM By WENN

British actress Samantha Morton has spoken out over her decision to play infamous Moors Murderer Myra Hindley - insisting it is her "duty".

The upcoming film, which will be aired on British television network Channel 4, explores the lives of child killers Hindley and her warped lover Ian Brady.

But Morton has been criticised for her agreement to star in the controversial production, with families of the victims complaining the film "prolongs the agony".

She says, "I initially didn't even want to look at the script. I didn't want anything to do with it.

"But I believe it is my duty as a performer to raise issues we're afraid to look at."

Samantha Morton wrote a short story and it appears in the Vol.2 Issue # 33
January 2006 Dazed and Confused magazine (Cillian Murphy appears on the cover).

It's their special literary edition and includes works by :

JP Donleavy
Arthur Bradford
Trinie Dalton
Ricky Gervais
Nik Cohn
Samantha Morton
Bill Drummond
Nicola Barker
Christopher Guest
Jim Sclavunos
Roots Manuva
Helen Cross
Jake Arnott
Steve Coogan
Cathi Unsworth
Kira Cochrane
Clancy Sigal
Gwendoline Riley
Bret Easton Ellis

J.P. Donleavy? Yesssss!!! Needless to say that I will purchase this issue when it makes it to USA bookstands.

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It's official - Samantha Morton will be portraying Myra Hindley.

I must say that I agree with Morton 100%. It's absolutely wrong to extend a sentence. It's also illegal and it baffles me that that happened. Don't know if she had been a man it would have been any different though.

Read about it here.

Samantha Morton to play Myra Hindley

2.54PM, Sun Dec 25 2005

Oscar nominated actress Samantha Morton has just taken on the controversial role of Myra Hindley for a new television drama.

Samantha will star opposite television and film favourite Jim Broadbent who is playing to title role Lord Longford.

The drama explores Longford's Roman Catholic faith, his fervent belief in the power of redemption and how he became a tireless champion of prisoners' rights, no matter how repugnant their crimes.

Producers have approach making the film with caution as there is always much sensitivity surrounding the dramatic exploitation of Hindley and the appalling crimes committed by her and her lover Ian Brady.

Samantha said it took much deliberation before she decided to take on the role as she knew it would be highly controversial:

"I initially didn't even want to look at the script. I didn't want anything to do with it. They shouldn't be doing it, they shouldn't be touching it."

"It's about Lord Longford. It's about his life, and in particular about his relationship with prisoners, not just Myra Hindley."

"Yes Myra Hindley did what she did, for just one second forget that. As a woman she served a life-long sentence. If she had of been called Martin she would have been out in about 12 years."

"I believe it is my duty as a performer is to raise issues in the world of things we're afraid to look at."

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Samantha helps Save The Children

Last Modified: 23 Dec 2005
Source: ITN

Samantha Morton has starred in Hollywood blockbusters like Minority Report, but she is now concentrating on helping tsunami victims.

Samantha is an incredibly successful actress. She had roles in television programmes such as Peak Practice and Soldier Soldier but she became a recognised name in 1999 when her performance as a mute in Woody Allen s Sweet and Lowdown earned her an Oscar nomination for 2000 Academy Awards.

Samantha starred as Agatha in Minority Report alongside Tom Cruise but was turned down for a role in Love Actually with Keira Knightly and Martine McCutcheon scooping parts.

The actress is now focusing her time on helping the people whose lives have been devastated by the Tsunami.

Samantha was due to be in the Maldives when the tsunami struck last year but she became ill and, luckily for her, never got on the flight.

Samantha is now working with Save the Children in South Asia:

"The thing that was wonderful about Save The Children is because they were the only charity who had been there (Aceh) the 30 years of martial law, so they were there on the ground when it happened."

Taken from channel4.com.

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I got a new scanner so the promised Samantha Morton magazine scans.

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Special Ten
(the interview is on dvd and I have screencapped those they just aren't thumbnailed and uploaded yet. So just the cover)
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I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Mine was really good apart from two horrible allergic reactions (just my luck).

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Morton dropped out of Puffball. That's to be expected. I figured with all of the projects she's in talks to do there's got to be at least a few she won't do.

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